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Spring / Summer Forecast '09

With the gloomy days of the credit crunch constantly in the headlines, Twin Cheeks is predicting a brighter outlook for S/S ‘09, focusing on spending on quality not quantity. We need to think more carefully about getting the maximum out of our capsule wardrobes.

Achieving more looks with key pieces has never been easier. Investing in a statement piece that can be multifunctional, giving you the ability to transform your look, whatever the occasion, is the sunny outlook from Twin Cheeks.

The latest bulletin from Twin Cheeks assures us that S/S ’09 is bright! BOLD COLOURS are used to achieve the season’s hottest looks in a variety of trends.

NEON is the easiest way to update your wardrobe. A bold solid colour can be used to double your money in the fashion stakes. Combine acid hues like tangerine, aqua turquoise and cerise with neutrals to achieve the bold new look of COLOUR BLOCKING. Simply USE A CORSET FROM TWIN CHEEKS AS A BLOCK, and build away! You are getting two looks for the price of one!

For those passionate about prints, fear not! They show no signs of the wallflower, but rather take on a form of OPTICAL PRINTS, from BOLD FLORALS to MULTI-COLOURED ABSTRACTS to give a contemporary feel.

Bring out the ANIMAL in you with the TRIBAL LOOK with a modern silhouette. Nigerian tribal prints to the classic LEOPARD will leave others purring in their tracks.

Fast track forward to the future look of fabric and choose from IRREDESSENT SILK and SHEER ORGANZA to accessorise your Twin Cheeks corset with a choice of jacket style from our Bolero range. There is a choice of optional beaded of crystal embellishments. Shimmering GOLD give a look of 24 carat glamour.


Indulge in a new look for S/S ’09 without the guilt! Do your bit to beat the credit crunch! Let’s start with the basic staple of any wardrobe….

DENIM. Your old, torn, (slightly snug?) favourite jeans that have always been there for you (thank goodness they can’t talk!) need not be relegated to the clothing shredder. You can save them! Twin Cheeks can transform your favourite BLUES into a new creation, ready for the new season. Why stop there? We can update that kaftan lurking at the back of your closet (what were you thinking?). We can transform that much loved cocktail dress into a unique, one off piece whilst re-assuring your ethical principles. Like we said, things are looking brighter already!

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